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Since Internet Gambling came onto the scene there were many people playing, but there were millions of people who wouldnít play online because they didnít want to chance putting the credit card information out over the Internet. This is why credit card alternative payment options came about. One of the best companies that you will find for this service is called Netteller. This is the number one way right now for you to fund your real player account at your favorite casino.

There are many reasons why people like to use this service, one of which is because it is so secure. There is no more having to enter you credit card or bank account information every time you go to play at a casino, all you have to enter with this service is you account number, the secure ID and how much money you wish to wager. The only time you have to enter your bank account information is when you are signing up for the Netteller account.

Another reason is because using this service all of your transactions are instant, and you donít have to worry about credit card rejections that are happening so frequently now in the United States. Keep in mind that no casino that you go to have access to your account details, or information, all they get is the money that you want sent to them. Neteller is so popular that there are well over 1 million members to date and over 1,500 online merchants that accept this system.

Netteller has been around for 6 years and they know that to keep a customer they have to keep them happy and be there for them if they ever have a problem. This is why people like Neteller, they can be sure that if they ever need help or have a problem, they can go to the support system and get an answer. When you call them they are very nice and very willing to try and help you with any problem that you are having. Right now this company employs over 330 people that are there for two reasons, one to research and develop new ways to help provide more secure ways for online purchases and to help you to get everything you need in order.

Netteller has offices in Calgary, London, Hong Kong, and San Jose. The figure that makes this company stand out is that in one year they can process over 3 billion dollars safely and securely. Netteller is the best bet you can make when you are ready to play at an online casino, because you know that you are going to have a great time without having to worry about anything. Itís very easy, fun and secure. All you have to do when you are ready to use this service is go to the Netteller site and sign up, validate your bank account, and you are ready to go, there is nothing easier than this.

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